How it works

The Throttle Trader process

Anyone can submit a vehicle to Throttle Trader: it’s as easy as filling out this submission form. The Throttle Trader crew will take a look and, if successful, you will pay the one off listing fee ($99). We will then require as much information about the car as possible and a wide range of photos so that we can draft your listing. Once the final listing and reserve price are agreed, we push the auction live for a two week period. Comments and questions may come through that you will need to answer, but otherwise sit back and watch the fun!

For more in depth information go to FAQ’s Page.

Why Throttle Trader?

Selective Choice

Throttle Trader wants to be the go to Australian live auction site for Classic, Unique, Rare and Exotic cars. We want to make sure that we are listing Head Turners and that every time you visit the site we present something that has the WOW factor.

Anti Snipping

Anti Snipping auction software is deployed on the site that resets the clock back to 1 minute if a bid is placed in the final minute of the auction. This allows buyers the peace of mind they won't get outbid and gazumped at the very last second.

Capped Fees

Buyers fees are capped! $299 at the low end and $5,000 at the high end. If you win an auction, the buyers premium is 5% of the winning bid, to a maximum of $5,000. That means you won't pay any more the $5,000 buyers fee on any purchase. There are NO Sellers fees other than the listing price. Check out our FAQ's Page for some working examples

Committed Buyers

Bidders need to register and submit credit card details when placing a bid. Although there are no charges until Reserve price has been met and the auction is won, we want to ensure that the bidders are fair dinkum about the auction and serious about the bidding process.


Throttle Trader wants to display the cars in the most transparent and best possible light. We will work with you to refine your listing to show as much information and photos so that potential buyers know exactly what's on offer.


Live comments section should ensure that conversation is robust and informative, whilst also allowing the owner their right of reply about any specifics around their listings.

Upload auctions from your phone

  1. Click the submit a vehicle button
  2. Enter all your car details
  3. Take 10-12 photos of your car and upload directly to the form
  4. We take a look to see if it’s Throttle Trader worthy
  5. If your submission is successful, you pay a one-off listing fee of $99. Listing fee has been wiped for 2020!
  6. You provide more juicy details about the vehicle so we can craft a story for your auction
  7. You take multiple(80+) photos of your pride and joy, that are so good you think twice about selling her… and then you send them to us!
  8. We work our magic and send it back to you for approval 
  9. We schedule the auction to Go-Live

Free Listing for Launch Period