About us

Our Mission

To provide an easy and transparent live vehicle auction website for car enthusiasts in Australia.

Throttle Trader is a curated car auction site, specifically designed for today’s digital market. Unique, classic and collectible vehicles are given an audience of like minded throttle heads in an purpose designed social experience. 

Extraordinary Experiences

No longer do you have to stand around in a cold garage, waiting for your lot to come up. Nor do you have to put up with a clunky outdated bricks and mortar model running your buying experience  and slapping on overheads to balloon your buy price. 

Now you can bid on your dream car from wherever you are in a safe, easy and fun format. And the best bit is, our commissions are capped!


And if you’re not here to buy a car but just like kicking tyres, why not get involved in the action by commenting on the posts. There’s so many car buffs out there with a story to tell and we’d love to hear it here. Have you owned a VK Commodore and loved the way it used to smell? Share it with other VK nuts. Head over to the How it Works page to find out more.